What is Individual/Family health insurance?

An Individual/Family health insurance plan is a policy purchased by you rather than by an employer. The contract is between you and the health insurance carrier.

Who should get an Individual/Family policy?

Are you losing your health insurance through your employer? Does your employer not offer health insurance? Is the coverage available through your employer unaffordable? We will take the time to learn about your unique situation, determine whether you are eligible for any premium reductions, and match you to a plan that meets your needs.

When can I get health insurance?

There are two times you can purchase an Individual/Family plan.

  • Open Enrollment – during the 4th quarter of each calendar year, typically starting on November 1st, individuals may purchase a new health insurance policy and apply for premium assistance based on their income. Policies purchased during Open Enrollment will be effective on January 1st.
  • Special Enrollment Period – individuals experiencing a “Life Changing Event” during the year become eligible to purchase a plan within a 60 day window. The change must be documented and includes: loss of employer sponsored coverage, birth, marriage, and aging off your parents’ plan. If you are experiencing a “Life Changing Event”, it is important for you to contact us as soon as possible because deadlines vary based on the event.

Additional insurance options

You may already have insurance, either through your employer, or on your own. We have additional insurance options if you’re shopping for a little more coverage. Our office will work with you for all of your medical insurance needs, including:

See more information about Additional Insurance Options.

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